Note that the damage cost estimates in the various publications are not always the same because the methodology has been evolving.

Publications by Topic, to download

A. Methodology

Methodology for the analysis of impact pathways:

  • Rabl+00a AnnualReview.pdf
  • (see also the ExternE Methodology Update 2005: Methodology_update_v30.pdf)

Air dispersion and variation of damages with site and source characteristics

  • Curtiss+96a SiteDep.pdf

How to account for CO2 from biogenic sources

  • Rabl+07 LCA biomass.pdf

Discounting of intergenerational costs

  • Rabl96 IntergenDiscount.pdf

Particulate matter composition and uncertainties of health dose-response functions

  • Rabl99 ComponentsPM-Health.pdf

Damage estimates due to ozone

  • Rabl+98 Ozone.pdf

Air pollution damage to buildings

  • Rabl99a Buildings.pdf

Calculation of life expectancy (LE) loss due to air pollution

  • Rabl98 Mortality.pdf (static calculation)
  • Leksell+01 Mortality.pdf (dynamic calculation)
  • Rabl03 NumOfDeathsVsYOLL.pdf (updated results including infant mortality)
  • (in French: Rabl03 Mortalite-PollAtm.pdf)
  • Rabl06 LE framework.pdf (relation between time series, intervention studies and cohort studies)
  • Rabl+11 LE HongKong.pdf (measuring LE change due to PM10 and SO2 with time series)

Determination of the so-called “value of statistical life”

  • Desaigues+95 ValueOfLife.pdf

Determination of the value of a life year

  • Desaigues+07 MortalVal REP.pdf (contingent valuation in France)
  • Desaigues+07 RS1b WP6 D6-7 Final Report-VOLY.pdf (contingent valuation in 9 countries of EU);
  • for a short published version see Desaigues+11 VOLY.pdf

Multimedia assessment of toxic metal emissions

  • Spadaro+Rabl04 Metals.pdf (As, Cd, Cr, Ni, Pb)
  • Spadaro+Rabl Hg08 (+Fig).pdf (Hg)


  • Spadaro+Rabl Uncertainty+Corr08.pdf (analysis of uncertainties of air pollution)
  • Rabl+05 Uncertainty.pdf (Effect of the uncertainties on policy decisions)

B. Applications


Health costs of transport

  • Spadaro+2001bAuto+Canyon.pdf
  • (including augmentation of damages due to trapping of pollution in street canyons)
  • Rabl2003VoitElec.pdf (Voiture propre, in French only)

Damage assessment for electric vehicles (for old NiCad batteries)

  • Funk+1999ElecVehicle.pdf

Comparison of buses with diesel (w and w/o particle filter) and with natural gas

  • Rabl2002Buses-Diesel-NatGas.pdf

Comparison of hybrid and conventional cars

  • Spadaro+Rabl06 Hybrid-Conventional.pdf

Benefits of switching from car to walking or bicycling

  • Rabl+11 ActiveTransport.pdf (full article)
  • BrochureActiveTransport.docx (brief summary)


Impacts and external costs of energy systems

  • Dreicer+Rabl02 FuelChain.pdf
  • Rabl+01 CoutsExtElec.pdf (French)
  • Dreicer+1995nuclear.pdf (External costs of nuclear energy in France)

Agricultural impacts

Damage cost of nitrogen fertilizer

  • vonBlottnitz+06 N_fertilizer.pdf

Colon cancer due to nitrate in drinking water

  • vanGrinsven,Rabl,Kok Npaper EnvHealth10.pdf

Waste treatment

Health risks of air pollution from waste incineration

  • Rabl+98IncineratorRisks.pdf (French: Rabl+98IncinérateursRisques.pdf)

Comparison of damage costs of landfill and incineration

  • Rabl,Spadaro+Zoughaib08 Landfill-Incin.pdf

Policy applications

Damage costs nuclear accident vs alternatives

  • Rabl_&Rabl_2013(Fukushima).pdf

Tools for Environmental Assessment for Policy

  • Rabl+Holland08 LCA,ExtCost etc.pdf (LCA, External Costs and Multi-criteria Analysis)

Health risks due to technologies

  • Rabl+00c EnvironRisk.pdf (comparisons, perception, communication)
  • Rabl99b CoutsPollAtmos.pdf (Health costs due to air pollution in Paris [in French])

Improving Policy Responses to The Risk of Air Pollution

  • Rabl+07 J Tox Env Health.pdf

Environmental benefits of PV: do they justify the development costs?

  • vdZwaan+Rabl03 ProspectsPV-SE.pdf (detailed solar calculations)
  • vdZwaan+Rabl04 PV-EnPol.pdf

Climate change

  • Rabl+vanderZwaan-CC09.pdf (Cost–benefit analysis, uncertainties and the value of information)

Joseph V. Spadaro, Sérgio H. Faria and Anil Markandya “Decarbonising urban transportation”; available from

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